Walk-In Clinic Services in Charlotte, NC

Conveniently located off Park Rd in Charlotte’s Madison Park neighborhood.

Carolina Express Clinic is your new neighborhood walk in medical clinic. Be seen 10-20 minutes after your arrival. Our clinic is staffed by experienced, fully-licensed nurse practitioners and physician assistants. You can expect friendly, prompt treatment for common family illnesses. We see people who are 18 months and older. Our walk-in clinic treats injuries, gives vaccination shots, conducts physicals and wellness screenings, and offers monitoring for chronic conditions. We also offer quick and discreet drug testing, STD testing, and other illness testing such as TB tests.

Convenient Hours

Most primary physicians aren’t available on weekends, but we are. Carolina Express Clinic doesn’t want you to stop going to see your regular doctor, but sometimes you need help before you can get an appointment. We can let your doctor know you were here so that your doctor will be up to date on your medical needs.

Walk-In Clinic Services: A Vital Component in Healthcare

In the bustling landscape of modern healthcare, walk-in clinics have emerged as crucial players. Their role in providing effective and rapid treatment has increasingly gained recognition, particularly in alleviating the strain on hospital emergency rooms. These clinics offer a broad range of services, catering to various non-life-threatening medical needs, thus ensuring that more serious cases receive the attention they need in hospitals.

The Rising Importance of Walk-In Clinics

The efficiency of walk-in clinics is evident in their ability to manage a wide array of health issues, from minor injuries to routine check-ups. The absence of appointment requirements means patients can receive immediate attention, a significant advantage over traditional healthcare settings. This immediacy not only benefits patients seeking convenience but also those unable to secure timely appointments with their primary care providers.

Relieving Pressure from Emergency Rooms

Hospital emergency rooms are often the go-to for many, even for less severe medical needs. However, this habit has led to overcrowding and extended waiting times. Statistics indicate a striking trend: a significant percentage of visits to emergency rooms could be effectively handled in walk-in clinics. By diverting non-urgent cases to these clinics, emergency rooms can operate more efficiently, focusing on critical and life-threatening conditions.

The Impact on Healthcare Efficiency

The role of walk-in clinics in enhancing healthcare efficiency is undeniable. They offer a streamlined process where patients are treated quickly, reducing the time and resources spent on minor medical issues. This efficiency not only benefits the patients but also the healthcare system as a whole. By handling a substantial volume of non-emergency cases, these clinics play a pivotal role in reducing the burden on hospital emergency rooms.


Your PCP co-pay and deductible applies, just as it would at your primary care physician’s office. Please see our list of accepted insurances here.

No Insurance? No Problem.

For most of your health care needs, you’ll get excellent care that’s far less expensive and faster than waiting in the emergency room. View Our Cash Pay Price List Here.
Suturing of Minor Lacerations and Wounds Health Management Cholesterol Hypertension Weight Loss College Physicals DOT Sports Physicals  Administrative Quick & Discreet STD Tests and Treatments
Strains and Sprains Urinary Tract Infections Covid Testing Coughs & Sore Throat
Splinter Removal Ear Ache Ear Wax Removal Allergies
Acne Rash Oral Sores Nasal Congestion
Upset Stomach Joint Pain Fatigue Sinus Infection
Minor Burns Tick Removal Pink Eye Worsening Asthma (mild to moderate)
Monkey Pox PCR Test Travel Consultations Stitches and Stitch Removal Drug testing
Vaccinations and Shots
Td (Tetanus), Tdap (Tetanus & Whooping Cough) Flu Meningitis Tb Testing (PPD or Quantiferon)
Typhoid Hepatitis A+B IPV (Polio) Yellow Fever and others
MMR (Measles) Credentialing & Vaccines Travel immunizations  Varicella
walk in clinic services

Avoid the Emergency Room

If you have ever been to an emergency room you probably don’t want to go back. And there are good reasons to avoid it. It costs 2-3 more to go to the emergency room than it does to be seen here. Of course, there are times when going to the ER is the right thing to do. Don’t see what you’re looking for or have a question? Please don’t hesitate to Contact us. Your health is too important to risk.