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STDs are never a pleasant thing to talk about or have to worry about. Yet if you have one, it is the only thing you may be able to think about. You are looking for the fastest way to treat this infection and at the lowest cost possible. CEC can help test for sexually transmitted diseases as well as start treatment the very same day for most common STDs.

Over the past decade, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the United States have, unfortunately, become more common. Public health data and reports have consistently indicated an upward trend in the incidence of major STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Various factors contribute to this increase, highlighting a complex interplay of social, economic, and behavioral elements.

Trends and Data

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regularly monitors and reports on STD rates across the U.S. Their findings have shown:

  • Chlamydia: Remains the most reported STD, with cases rising steadily. Young women are particularly affected, though the disease impacts individuals across all demographics.
  • Gonorrhea: Has seen a significant increase in cases, with emerging concerns about antibiotic-resistant strains complicating treatment.
  • Syphilis: Once on the brink of elimination, syphilis has made a disturbing comeback, particularly congenital syphilis, which affects newborns born to infected mothers.

At Carolina Express Clinic, we are here to help. Quickly & quietly.

At our South Charlotte urgent care facility, you can walk in to our clinic with no appointment needed and be seen within 15 minutes. With quick, confidential STD testing that is covered under most insurance, you can do something about the situation immediately, and at a very low cost to you. No more sitting for hours in the ER!***
***Those with moderate to severe abdominal/pelvic pain or pregnancy need to call/see OBGYN or PCP***

Current Self-Pay Price List

*All testing is in addition to a consultation (avg=$99) $89-$129
Individual STI TESTING*
Gonorrhea $49
Chlamydia $49
Trich $49
Syphilis $55
Herpes Simplex II IgG (Genital) $55
HIV I/II (rapid testing available) $55
Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Trich $109
HIV I/II, Syphilis, Herpes Simplex II IgG (Genital) $109
BV and Yeast PCR Panel $80
Additional STI TESTING*
Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma Panel G/H Panel $109
STI, PREP and PEP Consultations $89-129
URINE DIPSTICK (For uncomplicated UTI) $15
URINE CULTURE SENSITIVITY (for male or complicated UTI) $35
Reserve your spot in line, online anytime, 8am-6:30 M-F, SAT/SUN 9am-2pm

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Our Standards STD Tests And Cost Include

*In addition to office visit ($89-$129)

We Also Offer Testing And Treatment For

STD visit w/o insurance $89-$129, excluding lab tests or procedures. We are unable to accept MEDICAID.

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To know what your options are, call us at 704-496-9100. We are here to help however we can. Whether you only need some professional advice, or you need to get tested, we offer quick and confidential resources to meet your needs. No appointments are needed at Carolina Express Clinic so just walk-in or for even faster service, check in online.

When it comes to matters involving your health, you cannot act too soon. But unfortunately — you can act too late. For confidential, private and same day STD testing, contact Carolina Express Clinic today!